Hey Auckland! Forget light rail to the airport!

How about we start thinking more ambitiously about our future transportation solutions?

 Light rail is an antiquated solution which Auckland can't afford. Here's an example of some great innovative thinking from China.



Mercedes will prioritise occupant safety

Finally, common sense prevails! Note the comment that driverless cars will first seek  to avoid the situation even occurring.

Whilst a human driver might be surprised when a pedestrian suddenly steps in front of the car, a driverless car will have likely "seen" the person approaching from a distance and pro-actively slowed to allow emergency stopping to be effective.

Check out the article:




Driverless Cars are coming, but to really capture the social, economic and environmental benefits they promise, we need to have fewer cars on the road. For this to be true, we need to see a shift to mass-scale ridesharing sufficient to shift consumers away from owning their own vehicles.

My presentation is designed to argue this position, define Social Ridesharing as a service, and show how such a service could be brought to market.

I believe the critical success factors for Social Ridesharing are the extent to which the ridesharing experience can be personalised for the consumer, the experience during the ride and the way the service is priced to encourage early take-up.

Enjoy the presentation and let me know your thoughts!



GOOGLE IN FINAL NEGOTIATIONS WITH FIAT CHRYSLER ON AN ADVANCED TECHNICAL PARTNERSHIP. - Rants - Autoextremist.com ~ the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high octane truth...

This looks like a well informed piece of breaking news and holds the potential for us to see a real, live, for-sale version of a google-based autonomous vehicle in the not-too-distant future.

Driverless Volvo Trial in London

Volvo announce an extension of their trial programme to London. Note their reasons for selecting London...take note other Governments...it's not sufficient to simply claim support for trials! Governments need to invest to secure a role for their businesses in this booming market. 


Chinese driverless cars complete road test - The Hindu

Interesting to see the increasing pace of trials occuring in China. For New Zealand, surely building relationships with Chinese technology companies makes sense. We should be actively seeking partnerships to tap into what will be the worlds largest near-term market opportunity for transportation transformation.