Here's just a small sample of the projects we're undertaking or planning in the near future...


A Driverless Vision

We believe a compelling vision of a world with driverless technology will help with the advancement and acceleration of its successful adoption.

To bring this vision into existence, we are sponsoring regular discussion events designed to spark ideas and provide networking opportunities. As we proceed, we'll craft a complete "straw man" future vision which will be promoted as a basis for on-going policy development.


Trialing the Technology

Whilst theory is fine, practical experience is needed to help us all understand the obstacles, challenges and opportunities which this technology presents.

We're in active discussions to identify the most interested and capable parties to undertake trials of a range of driverless technologies and building blocks. 


Assembling the Experts

No one person can make a driverless future happen alone. We need to work together, harness our respective expertise and learn from one another.

We are working to create the forums which will attract the worlds leading thinkers on driverless technology to come together and share their excitement.