In this section we present a library of links to articles which we think are useful reference pieces for anyone interested in the future of Driverless technology.

How Does it Work

These articles help define what we mean by "Driverless" and how the technology actually works or is intended to work.

1. Overview Presentation

This presentation was put together to present to the New Zealand ACT Party Political conference in February 2015. It includes an overview of driverless technology, but is primarily focused on increasing awareness and lobbying for policy changes.

A Future Driverless Planet...and the opportunity for NZ

Will it ever happen?

Here we tackle the sceptics - answering the fundamental questions around whether a driverless future will ever happen and the likely timeframes.

Policy Matters

Whether you're a sceptic or a supporter, everyone agrees that Governments have a critical role to play in determining how and when driverless technology is adopted around the world. This section links to some useful policy documents.

Other Interesting Stuff

This is the place for all the other stuff not captured in the major sections above.