Since 2015, this site has been providing a focal point for those interested in driverless technology, to publicise and promote current ideas and organise advocacy efforts.


Our Mission

To accelerate and guide the adoption of driverless technology - to better peoples lives and improve our environment.

After a lifetime of driving, repairing and studying automobiles, I have come to an unavoidable conclusion – we are the weakest link in a car. As car components go, human beings are deeply substandard – we have imperfect perception, we are ruled by emotion, and we vary wildly in quality
— Peter Cheney, Globe and Mail

What We've Achieved

  • Establishing an online forum where interested parties can review the latest thinking around driverless technology and it's implications. 
  • Bringing together interested parties to create a strategic vision that helps policy makers better prepare our cities, roads and laws for the future.
  • Assembling a collection of articles, research and policy documents which provide a one-stop location for those wishing to research driverless technology further.